How to Get Great Term Life Insurance Rates as a Type-2 Diabetic


Prove you’re a worthy candidate for life insurance…

To achieve the best life insurance rate possible if you have Type 2 Diabetes, you may have to prove yourself to most insurance companies. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to convince them that you may have a similar life expectancy as someone who isn’t diabetic. If you are actively treating Type 2 Diabetes, then you might be able to get more affordable insurance rates than those who don’t monitor their condition.

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Some tips on how to save on your term life insurance with diabetes:

Treating Type2 Diabetes to the best of your ability should be your primary objective in trying to get the best insurance rate. To do so:

1. Maintain an A1C count between six and eight.

A higher level at this number, which measures your average blood glucose control over the previous two to three months, reflects poor control of your condition and could result in a higher life insurance rate.

2. Control your blood sugar levels.

Check your blood sugar on a regular basis.

Consult with your physician to determine a healthy blood sugar range for your individual situation

3. Keep a record of all tests conducted.

They may be needed in the future to show life insurance companies how well you’re treating Type-2 Diabetes.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.Eat a balanced diet and exercise frequently.

Keeping in shape will give you an advantage in potentially receiving the best life insurance rate .
Avoid smoking at all costs. Smoking is considered an important factor possibly raising a term life insurance rate. Coupling smoking with diabetes may ensure you higher premiums.

Get quoted for a policy…

Once you believe that your condition is under control, in order to receive what might be the best life insurance rate you may want to contact an insurance agent who understands your condition. Working with an experienced insurance broker may help you receive the best life insurance rate you possibly can. It is important to compare rates because some insurance providers can provide a Type2 diabetic with a rate that other companies could not. It is all about finding the right fit, both for the patient and insurance company.

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