Welcome to the term life insurance FAQ page. We took several of our users’ life insurance frequently asked questions and answered them here for your education.

Who Could Need Term Life Insurance?

If you have someone that depends on you financially, whether that is a spouse, parents, children or other people close to you, you may need term life insurance.

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Doesn’t Life Insurance Cost a Lot of Money?

Typically, it may not. Many people believe this misconception concerning life insurance. To many people, life insurance may sound unattainable especially considering that other types of insurance can cost up to several hundred dollars a month. But unlike other policies such as auto or health insurance, term life insurance may be quite affordable.

How Do I Go About Finding Quality Life Insurance?

You may want to consider contacting one of the companies listed on the Term Life Insurance Companies page.

How Permanent is Term Life Insurance?

There is an important difference between whole life insurance and term life insurance. Term life insurance policies will expire after a certain number of years, or a set term. Term life insurance policies may be cheaper and easier to obtain because of their temporary nature.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

The amount of information you provide when trying to receive your quote will help an agent determine the right amount of coverage for you based on certain factors such as your yearly income and the number of beneficiaries you’d like to cover.

How Much Will Coverage Cost Me?

Affordable and high quality term life insurance could be available to many people. Factors such as height, age, sex, weight, participation in high-risk activities, health status and occupation could play a very large role in determining rates for life insurance. Insurance for you could be cheaper now than in the future as rates typically increase as you age. Affordable, high quality term life insurance could be available for everyone.

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