How to Get Term Life Insurance for Type-1 Diabetics


Some may think that getting approved for diabetes life insurance for a Type1 sufferer is a difficult and daunting process.

Although there is somewhat of a grim reality trying to find the best life insurance rate for someone suffering from Type1 Diabetes, there can be hope. To understand why it may be harder for someone with Type-1 Diabetes to obtain diabetes life insurance, one must understand how the disease may complicate the underwriting process.

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Type1 Diabetes is considered an insulin-dependent form of diabetes. Therefore, it can come with more serious complications than a Type2 Diabetes prognosis. The fact that one needs daily insulin injections can makes  harder to control the disease than it would be if one were to just take daily prescription medications.

 Type1 sufferers are also generally diagnosed much earlier on in life than are Type-2 diabetics.

Generally speaking, the earlier you are diagnosed, the more likely you will eventually pass on due to diabetes complications than you will of any other disease or cause. Companies base their underwriting of diabetes life insurance on the life expectancy of a client in comparison that of an average healthy human. Many insurance companies may not want to assume the risk of insuring someone whose life expectancy can be considerably lower than an average healthy person.

 Can people with Type-1 Diabetes get quoted for affordable rates?

Fortunately, there are some ways Type-1 sufferers may still get quality rates for diabetes life insurance. For example, if you are a Type-1 diabetic that has no history of diabetic coma, insulin shock, or amputation, you could be one step closer towards achieving the best rate possible, given your situation. In addition, if you have no other complications associated with the disease, then you could also be likelier to get a more preferable rate.

How can Type1 diabetics get affordable rates?

It is crucial for Type1diabetics to follow the proper guidelines as prescribed by their physicians. Generally speaking, life insurance for diabetics can only be obtained with proper documentation of their visits to specialists, test results, and prescription use. Insurance companies may want these presented to them to help assure them that you are actively controlling your disease. A1C levels must be maintained and blood glucose should be checked frequently.

Contact a reliable life insurance agent.

Lastly, it is important for a Type-1 Diabetes sufferer to contact an insurance company or agent that frequently deals with diabetes patients. By contacting a company that deals with clients suffering from serious health conditions, you may be able to feel a little assured that the company would take the time to analyze your individual situation to the best of their ability. It can also be beneficial to try to find companies that specialize in clinical underwriting, a process that examines your total health, not just the health conditions you suffer from. This may allow a Type-1 sufferer who has continually demonstrated good control of their disease to receive a relatively reasonable rate for their diabetes life insurance.

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