Can I Get Term Life Insurance with Gestational Diabetes?


Having a baby could be a prime time in your life to seek financial security for your loved ones with term life insurance.

As soon as a woman knows she is pregnant, she should start looking for life insurance quotes as it is easier to potentially get the best life insurance rate if she starts as early as possible. However, what if there are complications in the pregnancy? The issue of gestational diabetes creates an interesting case in the search for diabetes life insurance.

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Gestational diabetes occurs when a pregnant woman starts to experience high blood sugar during pregnancy. It can occur even if she had never experienced any symptoms related to diabetes before.It usually occurs around the 24th week and has been known to affect upwards of 18% of all pregnancies.

Listen to your doctor.

Once diagnosed with this disorder, the only way to protect your health, the health of your baby and a preferable gestational diabetes life insurance quote is to follow your doctor’s orders. Complications resulting from gestational diabetes have often included the potential for the baby to be born with excessive birth weight, low blood sugar, and respiratory syndromes. The baby may be more at risk for developing Type2 diabetes later on in life.

Manage gestational diabetes to the best of your ability.

Adhering to a strict dietary plan and being physically active may also ensure that gestational diabetes life insurance is attainable. As with any form of diabetes, insurance companies want to make sure that any potential client is managing their condition to the best of their ability. Proper control is always the first step to getting preferable rates.

Consider the most appropriate time to buy a policy.

As a result of all of this, if you suffer from gestational diabetes, you may be better off waiting until after you give birth to obtain life insurance. Seeking gestational diabetes life insurance may not be worth it, if chances are high that you will go back to perfect health you’ve given birth. It is always important to consult with an insurance agent who understands this condition and will advise you on when it is best to buy life insurance.

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