What You Need to Know about Breast Cancer and Life Insurance


Having cancer may create problems when applying for life insurance. However, being diagnosed with cancer does not necessarily mean that you cannot receive the best life insurance rate possible. When it comes to finding breast cancer life insurance, you should first know the facts about the disease and then understand what companies need in order to underwrite an insurance policy for you. For information, visit a page on how to get approved for life insurance with cancer. <hyperlink: hub page: cancer life insurance>

The Facts

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Besides skin cancer (for more information on applying for life insurance with skin cancer, please read “Buying Life Insurance as a Skin Cancer Patient”), breast cancer is currently the most common type of cancer among women in the United States. Although men can have breast cancer, a woman is one hundred times more likely to be diagnosed with it. Typically, breast cancer either starts in the ducts that move milk towards the nipple or in the part of the breast that actually produces the milk. Breast cancer is considered noninvasive when it has not moved to other parts of the breast tissue, and invasive when it has.

Qualifying for Breast Cancer Life Insurance


Getting affordable rates for breast cancer life insurance may depend on whether your diagnosis is invasive or noninvasive and the stage and grade, or severity, of the tumors. Catching the disease early generally increases your chances of survival, and may in turn allow you to get the best life insurance rate out there.  Usually if you are at a low stage and grade and the cancer is noninvasive, you might qualify for preferred rates. However, if the severity of the disease increases and the tumors move to other parts of the breast tissue or body, your chances of surviving the disease may decrease. This, in turn, could mean you may have to pay for a more expensive breast cancer life insurance policy or you may even be denied from being approved for a policy.

Searching for Life Insurance


When trying to obtain breast cancer life insurance, you should have all the necessary facts ready to help make sure your specific case is properly analyzed. For example, knowing the dates of when you were diagnosed and when you received treatment is a must. If your cancer’s grade and stage are low, then you may want to start your search for life insurance right away because most insurance companies could offer you quality rates. However, if intense treatment is needed, it may be smart to search for life insurance after treatment is completed. Life insurance for cancer survivors can be obtained, as long as a certain period of time has passed and there has been no reoccurrence of the cancer. If the cancer had at one time spread to your lymph nodes, it may take anywhere between three to12 years after you have completed your treatment plan to be able to apply for affordable rates. To better understand when you should apply for life insurance, contact an insurance broker who specializes in high risk cases, and he or she may be able to better advise you on your track towards obtaining breast cancer life insurance.

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