How to Find Low Cost Term Life Insurance for Smokers

For cigarette, cigar and pipe smokers who are looking for low cost smokers’ term life insurance, it is likely that they may have noticed the premium rates may be significantly higher than what non-smoker rates may be. However, there are typically life insurance companies who have been known to have some of the most affordable rates for smokers. There are also companies that may offer reasonable rates to those individuals who are cigar and pipe smokers. To learn more, read the article “Getting Affordable Rates for Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers.”


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Most companies who offer term life insurance for smokers do not differentiate between smokers, whether it is cigar, pipe or cigarettes. Individuals who smoke pipes or cigars should not apply with any of these companies unless they are prepared to pay more.  There are various companies who may offer preferred non-smoker rates to occasional smokers as long as their urine does not show traces of nicotine.

There are some companies whose expertise is non-cigarette smoker policies. They have preferred plus rates for occasional users of tobacco. Some will give the preferred non-smoker rate to individuals who smoke an occasional cigar.

There are some life insurance companies that will give coverage to cigar smokers who would like to obtain a term life insurance policy, and will accept limitless cigar and pipe smoking as well as chewing tobacco.  In addition, applicants who have a positive nicotine test result may still be offered non-smoker rates, depending on the company, although these rates may be a bit costly.

In order to be eligible for some of the best term life insurance rates, cigarette smokers are generally encouraged to quit smoking.  After they have been smoke free for at least one year they should apply for a non-smoker’s policy which, if they qualify for it, may drop their rates significantly.

For more information, check out the smoker life insurance page.

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