Term Life Insurance Rates

Searching for term life insurance prices? You may have some questions about term life insurance rates. Here are a few of the most common questions out there on the subject:

What do term life insurance rates cover? 

Term life insurance rates offer insurance for a scheduled time period, usually going from one to 30 years. Generally speaking, term life insurance prices may be more affordable than other insurance policies.

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How much will term life insurance rates cost?

The term life insurance rate information depends on a variety of factors varying by individual situation.

So how can I be eligible for the best term life insurance rates?

If you smoke, quitting smoking and remaining smoke-free may lower your rate. Also, term life insurance rates may be higher for those who are overweight. Keeping physically fit may also help you get a lower term life insurance rate.

How much coverage do I need?

One rule of thumb may be to multiply your current yearly income by seven to ten.

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