Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

If you may be interested in a life insurance for cancer policy, we can help you find information regarding life insurance for cancer patients. It may seem like picking a life insurance for cancer insurance policy is a daunting task, but it may not be as hard as you may think. These are a few of the questions you could be asked before getting a policy:

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Which kind of cancer were you diagnosed with, when did you get the diagnosis, and when did your treatment end?

Generally speaking, insurers may ask you this question in order for you to find cancer life insurance. The type of cancer may determine how long it will take before you may be able to get life insurance again.  For example, those diagnosed with, say, prostate cancer or breast cancer may be able to purchase life insurance for cancer potentially within one year’s time after their cancer treatment has ceased. However, diseases such as lymph nodes cancer, or higher stages of cancer may mean that it could be a minimum of five to ten years before getting a policy.

Do you know what the grade or stage was of the cancer diagnosis?

It’s generally true that cancer life insurance may be simpler to get a policy for if the cancer was in a lower stage. Also, you may need to show the insurer a pathology report in order to determine eligibility for life insurance for cancer. The pathology report may also be used to help determine the life insurance for cancer patients’ rates.

Is your treatment done? If so, when?

As previously noted, eligibility for life insurance for cancer patients may be based on when the treatment ended for the cancer. That date starts the waiting period. This date is not a surgery date; it represents the date for the complete end of treatment. The longer this day is in the past, the more quickly you may be eligible for life insurance for cancer.

What has been the result of the cancer checkups or any follow up exams?

It is important to have ongoing checkups in order to get cancer life insurance. That’s because insurers may need to make sure that you are in good health before guaranteeing you a life insurance for cancer survivor policy.  The checkups may also need to show that your health is fine. If there are any issues or abnormalities, the chances that you could qualify for life insurance for cancer patients may decrease.

What kind of quote rate may I expect to get?

It depends on your personal situation. At best, you may be able to qualify for regular or standard insurance rates. You may not qualify for life insurance for cancer patients. It’s also possible that you may get a life insurance for cancer policy, but may also have to pay a surcharge.

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