Term Life Insurance and Happiness


When people ask centenarians (people who live past the age of 100) what the secret to long life is, the most frequent answer is serenity. It is typically not the absence of problems in life that helped these individuals go past their 100th year milestone in life’s journey, but instead the ability to handle these problems with calmness.

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Diet and exercise definitely contribute to living a long healthy life. However, people who are at peace in their lives are able to function at their best and stay healthy, living longer. Today’s world is tumultuous. There are economic downturns and climate changes as well as growing burdens placed by overpopulation and competition for limited resources. Hence, helping protect your beneficiaries financially may become paramount to gaining some peace of mind. You may take a step toward achieving this with the help of a term life insurance professional to assist you in planning for uncertainties. Visit the page benefits of life insurance for more information.

Having the right amount of term life insurance may help enable you to help your kids through college and help cover other expenses in the case of your death. In fact, knowing that you have created a more financially stable future for beneficiaries through a term life insurance policy may even help you to live a little longer. Studies from actuaries such as the Mortality for Standard Individually Underwritten Life Insurance Between 2005 and 2007 Policy Anniversaries reveal that people with term life insurance policies tend to live longer. Surprisingly enough, one of the best kept anti-aging secrets may be having a term life insurance policy and knowing that you have taken care of your beneficiaries.

You may stay one step ahead of the game. For more information on insurance options, please read the article What Kind of Life Insurance for Young People is Available?

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"Did you know that since 2005 the percentage of U.S. adults without life insurance has nearly doubled?"*