Occasional Cigar Smoking and Life Insurance


The may be some really great news for the people who enjoy a cigar from time to time and are shopping for life insurance policies with a low rate. There may be a number of life insurance companies that could allow you to be insured as a non-tobacco user, while still allowing you to indulge in occasional cigar smoking.

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 Many life insurance providers generally may have little leniency when it has to do with tobacco use in any form; cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or anything else tobacco-related.  Recently there have been some life insurance carriers that may allow the insured person to take part in occasional cigar smoking once a month.  If you typically smoke more than one cigar a month, you may still have choices.  Some carriers may allow for more than one episode of occasional cigar smoking per month.

 There may be companies that offer attractive alternatives for you if you like occasional cigar smoking. Some may offer thirty year term life insurance rates that could allow a smoker to enjoy 2 cigars a month, or 24 cigars per year, and still be able to qualify for their preferred ratings. To receive this you may have to submit a urine sample and test negative for nicotine.  There may be even more options on more lenient policies for those who enjoy occasional cigar smoking. Certain companies may allow for no more than 10-12 cigars per year and they may not disqualify you if your urine sample tests positive for nicotine. Currently, there may only be a few carriers that do not make receiving a negative test result for nicotine a requirement. For more information on life insurance for cigar smoking, “Getting Affordable Rates for Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers.

Every life insurance company may have a different set of rules, guidelines and requirements so it may bea smart decision to get quoted for a number of policies.Getting quotes may be able toprovide you with the proper information and help you receive lower premium for occasional cigar smoking.

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