Life Insurance with no Medical Exam? Does it Exist?


The answer to the question “Can I get life insurance with no medical exam?” may actually be yes. While some insurance companies may require an exam for a medically underwritten policy, there could be several affordable no medical exam life insurance policies available today. Go here to read more about no medical exam life insurance.

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You may be able to get both medically underwritten policies and no medical exam life insurance policies with many companies. Also referred to as guaranteed life insurance, no medical exam life insurance could be suitable for people who want to buy without the hassle of undergoing an exam when they get their life insurance. With no medical exam and potential coverage in the thousands of dollars, this kind of policy may actually be bought quite quickly – sometimes in less than 24 hours. Your coverage could begin the same day.

For a no medical exam life insurance policy, you could get coverage quickly after you respond to a series of questions about your health and fill out the application. You might also buy other life insurance products and get the coverage that you need at reasonable rates. Get the help that you need from licensed agents to answer your questions, as they could assist you through the application process. Obtain a no medical exam life insurance policy fast and without the hassles in more intensive insurance policies. To learn more, please read the article, “Why People Choose a Life Insurance Broker.

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"Did you know that since 2005 the percentage of U.S. adults without life insurance has nearly doubled?"*