Diabetes Life Insurance


For a Type-2 diabetic, finding diabetes life insurance may not be the simplest of tasks.

The fact that your body is not responding to insulin the way it should may put you at risk for fatigue, extreme thirst, and even greater complications down the line such as kidney and nerve damage. The potential for any of these to happen has typically made many insurance companies wary of underwriting Type-2 diabetes for many candidates. However, with proper care for one’s disease, it could be possible to obtain Type-2 diabetes life insurance.

What are rates like for Type-2 Diabetics?

Fortunately for Type-2 Diabetics, insurance companies generally tend to give more preferable rates to those whom were diagnosed later on in life. Someone who has been recently diagnosed has a higher chance to obtain Type-2 diabetes life insurance than someone who has been suffering for years. In some cases, it may not be unheard of for someone with diabetes (but with few other health problems) to qualify for similar rates to those whom do not suffer from the disease at all.

Getting the best rates…

The next thing to remember when being evaluated for Type-2 diabetes life insurance is typically to monitor your disease. Type 2 sufferers may be luckier in the fact that they are not insulin-dependent—a factor that usually makes it harder for Type 1 sufferers to obtain similar rates. It may be advisable to keep one’s A1C levels as low as possible and keep excellent records of readings and visits to specialists. Keeping a healthy diet, exercising, and taking prescribed medications may also be a must. Life insurance for diabetics may definitely be attainable with proper control of your disease; it may be necessary to prove to term life insurance companies that you’re a worthy candidate.

If you are initially denied insurance, it is important not to give up hope. Some companies may not be willing to take any risk associated with diabetes patients. However, maintenance of your disease is generally of the utmost importance when trying to achieve the most preferable rates. Making sure an agent knows about your individual case (and other factors that may affect life insurance rate such as smoking or family history) may work to your benefit in applying for Type-2 diabetes life insurance. Fortunately, with a little bit of effort a Type 2 sufferer may be covered with life insurance!

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