Tips to Getting Life Insurance for Heart Attack Victims


You have just experienced a very traumatic event in your life and are worried it can happen again. Heart attacks are very common and kill many people a year. You might feel that now is the time you need life insurance in case you suffer from a heart attack again to try and help protect your finances for your beneficiaries.  But then you think, I just had a heart attack, how could I find an affordable policy to cover me? Life insurance companies generally conduct extensive research on you to see your medical history and will see that you have had a heart attack, and you may typically be more risky to cover. However, life insurance after a heart attack is not impossible to find or to afford.  Follow some the tips listed below to potentially find affordable life insurance for heart attack victims. And visit this page to learn additional information about critical illness life insurance.

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Life insurance after a heart attack

Understand that after your heart attack, you will not typically qualify for the best life insurance, but you may be able to cover yourself. The first and most important thing you may need to do is to take care of yourself. It takes time to get yourself back to normal after a heart attack and life insurance heart attack applicants may need to demonstrate that they are putting an effort into their health. Being proactive about improving your health and decreasing your chances of having another heart attack could be taken into consideration during the underwriting process. When you apply for life insurance as a heart attack victim, you could already be putting up a red flag to the insurance company, so you may need to do your best to change their mind and show that you are working to improve your health and decrease your ‘riskiness’.  Your diet and exercise routine may need to be changed and to be practiced daily. You may want to give yourself sometime after your heart attack before applying for life insurance.  After at least a year, medical treatments may show a steady treatment and changes that you have made will show to have had some effect. Visit the article “Medical High Risk Life Insurance” for more information.

Getting your life insurance after heart attack policy issued

Number one rule: do not lie on the application. Underwriters will generally see in their background reports if you have lied on the health questions and your credibility will be damaged. The biggest thing you may be able to do to get a life insurance after a heart attack policy issued could be to document everything about your treatment and recovery and let your agent know.  They may include important information that the underwriter could need to know to get the policy issued for you.  The more information you let your agent and the company know, the more apt they may be to issue a policy for you, as well as working with you to get the best rate.  Do not give up. Finding what may be an affordable life insurance for heart attack victims policy could be possible. After all, you did survive one of the most common killers.

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