Permanent Life Insurance: Is it Right for Me?


Why do some people prefer permanent life insurance over term when it comes to applying for life insurance? Permanent life insurance is generally chosen by people who would rather see cash value on their investments than invest their funds into a term life insurance policy where they could possibly lose the value of their money if they live longer than the term. To read more about the different types of life insurance available, visit this page on types of life insurance.

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When you get ready for applying for life insurance, consider what kind of coverage you need. Will you invest along with coverage? How long is your coverage? Permanent life insurance could last your lifetime, thus offering a guaranteed payout. You may also be eligible to borrow against some permanent life insurance policies.

Term life insurance may be good for a person who has a shorter period of time for coverage, such as a person reaching retirement in five years. Term life may also be ideal for young and healthy people because it may not be cost-prohibitive.

Before applying for life insurance, think about these options. If you want to have life insurance for a long time, and have a tax-deferred cash investment, then you may want to consider a permanent policy. You may also be able to give a larger sum of cash for your beneficiaries when you die. This could be helpful in helping to pay off debt and taxes.

Different kinds of permanent life insurance may include whole life insurance, universal life, and variable life. When applying for life insurance, find out more about each option so that you can learn about the different amounts of cash value and risk. You may want to get quotes for different kinds of life insurance so that you can find the best policy for you and your beneficiaries to offer the kind of financial security you deem necessary.

To learn more about what whole life insurance is, read the article Various Types of Whole Life Insurance.

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"Did you know that since 2005 the percentage of U.S. adults without life insurance has nearly doubled?"*